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These 18mm Buttons / Cabochons for interchangeable jewelry snap on and off to create your own style, a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry - just install them on their base and your piece instantly transforms into a new design that tells your unique story personal!

This one features a metallic silver tree of life and navy blue theme to add a touch of preciousness to your interchangeable jewelry. This one has a domed cabochon that has a magnifying glass effect and a silver frame.

To help you choose:
All buttons have the same clip-on base (standard 5 - 8 mm) and fit all brackets available on this site. However, some sizes are better suited than others on certain media.
      * The 16 mm buttons on the woven bracelets, and 3-button and asymmetrical leather bracelets.
     * The 18 mm are the most universal and go on all jewelry bases
     * The 18mm, 25mm and 30mm go on the necklaces (and the leather bracelets with the wooden washer)

In all cases, there is an indication on each product page to help you choose.

Now the hardest part is choosing! Collect these little treasures and tell your story to the world ♥