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Beaded dangle earrings with a blue succulents floral theme

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Pending with Pearl matching earrings blue

The graphics are printed with inks resistant to UV (which means that they will never go away) and are sealed under a 16 mm glass cabochon. A small glass bead quality is added on the lower part of the setting in order to complement the image and add more movement. They measure about 4 total cm in length and are so perfect in size not to be heavy or big, just pretty.

The ear hook is hypoallergenic (no lead or nickel. The wire is copper which is a metal on and veneer creates a barrier that prevents your skin to be in direct contact with, so it there is no discoloration on the skin. A silicone CAP is provided to slide along the hook behind the ear where it will be invisible and your curls will be thus secured.

< strong > blue symbolizes the consciousness that awakens, our awareness of the world, humanity that follows the paths of evolution, who wondered, and who look to the sky. As the blue sky or the sea which opens the horizons, < stroNG >Blue and shades (turquoise, cyan...) is a color that is closely related to the dream, the wisdom and serenity. Blue is the echo of life, travel and discovery to the literally and figuratively.

  • Silver
  • Antique bronze
  • Gold
  • Hematite (dark metallic gray)
  • Yes
  • No