Dangle earrings with a herbarium yellow leaf theme on green background

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Dangle earrings with a black and white star theme.

The graphics are printed with UV resistant inks (which means they will never fade) and are sealed under a 16mm glass cabochon. A top quality glass bead is added on the bottom part of the mounting to complement the graphic and add more movement.  These measure approximately 4cm long in all and are just the perfect length and size with no heaviness or bulk, just prettiness.

They are hung from a anti-allergic ear wire (no nickel or lead). The wire is plated over brass or copper which are safe metals and the plating prevents you from being in direct contact with the metal and prevents any discoloring on the skin. A silicone stopper is provided that you can slide up behind your ear to secure them invisibly in place.

The star is a powerful and magical sign, sensor of beneficial flow, sign of health, vitality and positive energy. It always represents light, harmony, beauty and perfection.
It is also the symbol of the five vital elements (light, earth, water, fire, air) or the five senses of the human being.



  • Silver
  • Antique bronze
  • Gold
  • Hematite (dark metallic gray)
  • Yes
  • No