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Interchangeable clip on buttons red damask 2

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These buttons / Cabochons for interchangeable jewelry snap on and off to create your own style one of a kind jewelry - just pop them on and off their base and your piece transforms instantly to a new design that tells your own unique story ! 

This one features a red Damask pattern theme. It is available in 3 sizes to choose from that are compatible with all the interchangeable jewelry bases in my shop.

To help you choose:
     All the buttons here have the same clip-on base (standard 5-8mm) and go on all the bases available on this site. However, certain sizes are better suited than others on certain bases.
      * The 16mm and 18mm buttons go on all bracelets: woven, leather and the simple rings with no color rim.
     * The 18mm go on all my ring bases
     * The 25mm go on the necklaces only but my customers that like big rings have told me they work good on the stainless steel wide band base.

The drawing "Damascus" or "guard" is originally from the city of Damascus or one manufactured a fabric shaped with a glossy and Matt effect that create an image by their contrast... Ultra trendy and modern, the contrast between the red and white will be able to integrate easily with an outfit chic and sober.

Now the hardest part is choosing! Collect them, treasure them and tell your story to the world

  • 18mm
  • 16mm
  • 25mm
  • Water resistant