Collection: 30mm: buttons for large necklaces

Explore the “Personalization cabochons for large necklaces” category and discover a new dimension in the creation of your jewelry. These cabochons are designed to work in perfect harmony with our interchangeable necklaces available here: "Customizable necklaces". Simply clip and unclip them to completely transform the look of your jewelry!

A simple snap on the back of the cabochon secures it in place, providing a multitude of options with just one necklace base. This collection features the same 2D effect as our famous slate necklaces, with certain parts highlighted for a distinctive artistic touch.

Click on each image to explore the details and unique symbolism of each cabochon. Each piece tells a story and allows you to personalize your necklace according to your preferences. Bring your creativity to life and create unique combinations that reflect your style and individuality.

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