Milky Way 12mm Gold Hoops
  • Milky Way 12mm Gold Hoops
  • Milky Way 12mm Gold Hoops

Milky Way 12mm Gold Hoop earrings

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Reference: MF99-13518
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In Estonian mythology, the Milky Way identified the trunk of the World Tree, as well as the road connecting the worlds. Legend has passed from mouth to mouth that the ruler of the sky Uku had a beautiful daughter Linda, who ruled over the birds. Once, the beautiful groom Northern Lights wooed her. He brought a thousand white horses as a gift, and after a while he disappeared into the northern expanses. The bride with the veil, long and silver, has been looking for her lover among the stars ever since. It's the Milky Way.

Symbolic psychology and meaning Blue Night. Symbol of night, darkness, sleep, depth, the unconscious ...

They feature a metallic gold star theme with a hand painted watercolor navy blue background and are very light at less than 3g an earring - they are "glazed" with a mineral glass watch face.


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