Gold Gingko leaf c-hoop 12mm earrings
  • Gold Gingko leaf c-hoop 12mm earrings

Gold Gingko leaf c-hoop stainless steel 12mm earrings

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The Japanese ginkgo in the Far East is revered as a deity. In the land of the rising sun, people believe that the relic plant concentrates the vital forces of the earth. This tree is a symbol of love and resilience. Ancient Taoist monks planted ginkgo biloba in holy places near monasteries, believing that its two-lobed fan leaves are a sign of wisdom and concentration, endurance and longevity.

Nowadays, the brown color evokes a return to simple, raw and natural things. Recalling the land, the plant and the animal, the tradition and also chocolate, the chestnut color means softness and and protection to some.


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