Be the designer of your very own jewelry and create a pair of earrings, a cabochon button, a necklace, a bracelet or a ring undeniably in your own image! This is the perfect opportunity to personalize a piece of jewelry as a gift, to match it with your favorite item of clothing or other jewelry pieces !

Here are some ideas for tailor-made personalization:

-A photo that is dear to you

-A drawing or painting

-A photo taken featuring the pattern of your favorite clothes to have THE perfect match

-A photo of a necklace or other jewelry to match (a stone color that is difficult to match, for example)

- Motivational words or short messages

There are no other limits to keep in mind other than that the format will be reduced (with the exception of the larger slate necklaces) and therefore your image must withstand miniaturization and remain "readable".

You just have to upload your image on the product sheet or submit it to me by email and I will quickly inform you if your image is suitable or not, then I will rework it to optimize it and submit the result to you for validation before launching the creation.

So go ahead, choose your base and upload your image to create your unique project today!