Permanent Reductions

You like my jewelry and you're dying to own some? ... As a designer, I have not increased my prices since the creation of my company, I have even reduced them on some products which basically goes against the grain as the cost of living increases more every day!
However, I can offer discounts on quantities, which allows me to offer you wholesale prices.
Here you can find the discount codes that are available on a permanent basis.

5% discount on a basket of 100 € with the code: GIVEME5

10% discount on a basket of 140 € with the code: GIVEME10

15% discount on a basket of 180 € with the code: GIVEME15

20% discount on a basket of 220 € with the code: GIVEME20

25% discount on a basket of 260 € with the code: GIVEME25

30% off a basket of 310 € with the code: GIVEME30

35% discount on a basket of 350 € with the code: GIVEME35

40% off a basket of 390 € with the code: GIVEME40

45% off a basket of 430 € with the code: GIVEME45

50% off a basket of 480 with the code: GIVEME50