What does Mano Facto stand for?

Mano Facto is the Latin root for "Hand Made" as all of my jewelry is handmade with love by my person 😉 and will stay that way for long to come!

I have already seen this technique and this kind of "cabochon" jewelry elsewhere and less expensive, what makes you different from the others?

First of all, I create my images. When you see the images elsewhere than at here, it is because they have been "borrowed", to not say stolen! In my early days, I also bought image boards from graphic designers on the Etsy marketplace. So it may be that we are several creators sometimes using them. For several years now, I only use my own graphic creations, but you are never safe from having these ideas hacked. I like to think it's because I inspire others!

Then there is my technique. During the 11 years of creation, I continue to explore and refine my techniques again and again. I use pigment and resin-based inks which are photo stable. This means that the colors will not fade over time, unlike classic inkjet. The inks are also waterproof, which is an advantage if your jewelry ever comes in contact with humidity. Some products are even waterproof now because I use resin, rather than water-based glue, unlike most jewelry using this technique.

Lastly, I make it a point of honor to use quality findings that will last over time and will not give you any unpleasant surprises (allergies, coloring on the skin, etc.)

All this takes time, trial and error that is calculated into the final price which remains very reasonable for handmade treasures.

Are your products all in stock? What does "online only" mean exactly?

A large part of my products are made to order and not all are in stock directly. This allows me to offer you a large selection of creations and to always modify the creations available in the brick and mortar store in Oingt. The jewelry with the title "Online only" are creations exclusively available online (made to order) and are not available in the store. 

How do I take care of my new jewelry?

Due to the nature of the materials used in most of my designs, wearing it while swimming or bathing is not recommended. If you get caught out in torrential rain, it should not be a problem! Although waterproofing coatings and varnishes are used to seal as well as water-proof inks, it is prolonged immersion in water that should be avoided as the adhesives and paper would eventually detach and deteriorate.

Can I wear my jewelry without a risk of allergy?

All my jewelry is guaranteed anti-allergy. The base is brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc: natural elements that are without risk to your health and non-allergenic. This base is then lacquered in the finished colors (haematite, copper, bronze ...). The silver color is generally a genuine 925 silver plating. However, sometimes despite all precautions, a reaction can happen. Did you know that the ears are acupuncture points? Sometimes your ears may feel hot when you put earrings in, just because you’ve activated an acupunctural point? If you have other symptoms such as itching or your ears ooze, that is an allergy. In this case, you can return them to me (see returns policy here) for a refund.

How quickly does my order ship out?

Since all items are handmade, it generally takes 3-5 business days before orders are ready for shipment.

How are my items shipped?

All domestic orders are shipped through Registered postal service. If you need an item expedited, please contact me, and I’ll make arrangements for express shipping and charge accordingly.
Large quantity shipments, however, may be shipped using DHL or another carrier with DIRECT signature capture, so please take note.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! Some countries are excluded from shipping, however, please contact me to verify if yours is not in the list at checkout.

What method of shipping is used for International orders?

All items will be sent through Registered International Postage.  If you need your item by a certain date, please contact me for express shipping and you will be charged accordingly.
All parcels goes through customs...that being said, your package should have a smooth pass through customs, however, should it get held, your package can be delayed.
***Also please note that any incurred fees through customs becomes the responsibility of the customer and not the seller***

How does gift packaging work?


During the payment process, you can choose a gift-wrapping option. I send each item with its gift bag and a sticker, so you have everything you need to pack your items yourself in a snap while having had the opportunity to see the product(s) you just purchased before giving it/them as a gift. If you opt for the custom message, you'll additionally receive a small card that you can write your own personal message on yourself also.

I purchased an item, and it’s not what I wanted...can I return it?

If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact me within a week of receiving your item to resolve any issues.
Items can be refunded or exchanged within 2 weeks of the purchase date and as long as there are no signs of wear, it must be in its original, new state.
I will not be responsible for items being returned that show extreme signs of wear and damage. If it is an accident, please contact me and I will do all my possible to find a solution with you.

Can I have my damaged jewelry fixed or a lost earring remade?

ABSOLUTELY! I generally do fixing services for free, so please contact me email@veroniquemckay to see how we can proceed in your case.

I own a store and would love to sell your jewelry in my shop! Do you do wholesale?

Yes! Wholesale is available for retailers only. Please email me at email@maedupandco.com for more info.

I own an online store or a blog and would love to sell your jewelry or talk about it on my site!

Yes! I’d be happy to work with you. You can become an affiliate seller or a drop shipper. – please contact me by email for the modalities.


Also, if you love wearing my jewelry, send me a picture of you adorning it! With your permission, I may well use it on my products page, for advertising or in my blog, thus making you a star @ Mano-Facto !