My clients are worth gold to me !

that's why

Your loyalty is rewarded here at Manò Factò

here is how it works ...

Everytime you spend 20€ or more ( 22.65$in my store you get 1 point. Once you have accumulated 100€ (113$) or 10 points you get 5€ (5.66$) discount ! 

When you have reached 200€ (226.54$) or 20 points, you get 10€ (11.32$) discount and a gift sent right to your door :)

- all you need to do is go to your account by logging in and transform your points into a voucher. Your voucher can be created and used at all times whether or not you have accumulated this amount or not.

The gift is a pair of stud earrings or 3 interchangeable buttons snaps in the 16mm size (for the interchangeable jewelry) or 2 buttons in the 18mm size !

Claim yours by sending me a message : with your choice of gifts - your account will be checked for validation and then I'll send you a confirmation email and your gifts will be made and shipped straight to your mailbox free of shipping charges !