Jewelry by theme 

Jewelry by theme

Here are gathered all my creations, classified by theme - so you can choose a symbol that is close to your heart, an image that reminds you of a fond memory or a graphic universe that will tell your personal story or a memory shared with a person who is dear to you.


  • Symbolic - Figurative...

    Here are my jewelry creations with the following themes:

    Symbols - such as totems like animals ... insects .. when you like things to have meaning

    Figurative when you like that jewelry represents something that you love.

    Motivational when it helps you keep in mind your inspiration or your intentions ...

    Find THE jewelery theme that corresponds to you!

  • Floral - Nature - Vegetal

    Here is my collection of creations with the following themes:

    Nature - when you are constantly amazed by the simple beauty and colors of nature

    Floral - for the romantic who loves poetic and rural things

    Vegetal - in love with nature and who loves green, "simple" always elegant

    Find the jewelery theme that allows you to express yourself !

  • Abstract - Classic -...

    Here is my jewelry collection with themes:

    Abstract: for women who prefer to focus on colors rather than graphics.

    Classic: for those who love neutral colors, blacks and whites, gold and silver ...

    Timeless: for women who seek a style that will never go out of fashion and will last forever

  • Exotic - Ethnic - Tribal

    Discover here my collection of creations with the following themes:

    Exotic: for those who feel connected to what is "other", "foreign" or "unusual"

    Ethnic and Tribal: jewelry that takes you on imaginary travels, or is reminiscent of distant cultures, traditions and Indian or African crafts.

  • Chic - Modern - Trendy

    Discover my creations with the themes Chic - Modern and Trendy

    Chic - for the elegant, sophisticated, particularly fashionable woman

    Modern - when you like things sober, clean, linear or a little avant-garde.

    Trendy - for those who follow the phenomenas that define the current fashion.