The world of jewelry is at honour here at Manò Factò. Each piece of jewelry is made from carefully selected materials (natural slate, high quality inks, non-toxic resins ...) and is specially designed to be comfortable and durable. It takes a certain number of hours to create a piece from the graphics design / selection to its application on the actual piece: whether it be on a slate necklace or mounted in a pair of earrings. There are no shortcuts involved here at Manò Factò in bringing  this much style, uniqueness and versatility home to you.


  • Necklaces

    "One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art- Oscar Wilde " These necklaces are wearable art all featuring a world of their own: My wish is that you find the style that reveals the eclectic side of your personality and thus artfully express it to the world - whether you be smart, chic, distinctive, fashionable, simple or sophisticated, there is a design for the genuine you!

  • Cuff links

    Cufflinks are back and these will definitely add a touch of elegance and originalité in a man's life ! If you see a graphic elsewhere on the site you would like as cufflinks, just ask me by email: I can also include your own images / photos / drawings so do not hesitate!

  • Earrings

    Here is my selection of hand-crafted earrings made for you with love. You'll adore all the bright colors and themes available! The thoughtfully selected images are either created by myself or by partner graphic designers. They are then printed with top quality UV resistant inks, carefully cut-out and then sealed under a glass dome with a toxic free resin. All bases are made of allergy free brass that is then plated in the desired color ( sterling silver or hematite for the most part). Your comfort is a priority: they are all light-weight and will not pull or weigh on your lobes. All my creations benefit from a lifetime guarantee : all after sales service, if anything should happen to your treasures, is free of charge.

  • Bracelets

    Each bracelet here is designed and handmade, and is available in unique styles that you won't find that here at Mano de Facto. From macrame and maedup (traditional Korean knotting art) techniques are used to make each piece. Designed for your comfort, they are light and can be worn to many for a Bohemian or only look for a more clean and sober look. Inspired by the symbols and colors of the themes and compile your own look to express your style and personality unique.

  • Rings

    Hand-made Rings | Find a beautiful ring ! Costume jewelry | Treat someone or yourself to a gift of handmade jewelry 100% MADE IN France...

  • Customizable /...

    These unique customizable jewelry designs are for all styles. The hand-stamped creations will bring a trendy, vintage and creative look and the interchangeable central pieces on the different bases are playful yet practical and especially elegant. Create your own style and tell your story to the world with this original collection of jewelry. Inspired by nature and  strong symbols, each piece is made to bring you joy and happiness everyday when you wear them. Get inspired by the symbols and colors and compile your own look to express your style and personality and share it with the world that surrounds you!

  • Pins / Brooches

    These brooches will delight your coat and jacket collars with their unique colors and graphics. Authentic tiny pieces of art in square or round format are to be worn without moderation either several at a time or single to close your cardigans, shawls, or even as handbag jewelry. Gaity, practicality and attention to detail come together in a single product and the decorated item will be honored when you add them to your everyday life ... so why deprive yourself?