Customizable / interchangeable jewelry 

Customizable / interchangeable jewelry

These unique customizable jewelry designs are for all styles. The hand-stamped creations will bring a trendy, vintage and creative look and the interchangeable central pieces on the different bases are playful yet practical and especially elegant. Create your own style and tell your story to the world with this original collection of jewelry. Inspired by nature and  strong symbols, each piece is made to bring you joy and happiness everyday when you wear them. Get inspired by the symbols and colors and compile your own look to express your style and personality and share it with the world that surrounds you!


  • Interchangeable bracelets

    All hand-made in different unique styles that you'll only find here in my shop. I use knotting techniques taken from macramé and maedup (traditional Korean knotting art) to confection each piece. You can personalize them with a selection of handmade buttons which match your style, story and memories. Just choose your style in your favorite color and then stylize them with your selection of buttons. Wear them alone or stack them for a more boho-chic look, or keep things simple for a more modern look.

  • Interchangeable rings

    Create your own style with my rings that change style with a single click ! Simply clip on the cabochon of your choice to completely change your look and tell your story to the world with my unique collection of buttons .

  • Large 30mm...

    These cabochons work with the interchangeable necklaces here: Customizable necklaces - just clip and unclip them to completely change the look of your jewelry! There is a press stud on the back of the cabochon which fixes it in place and voila: a single base for a multitude of options! Here is a collection made with the same 2-d effect as on the Slate Necklaces (image is raised using resin on certain parts).

    Click on each image to discover the details and symbolism of each!

  • Interchangeable necklaces

    My necklaces are certainly unique and you won't find them anywhere other than here. All designed and assembled by hand by me; these chic and understated necklaces look gorgeous, even when they're naked, and they're eagerly waiting for you to dress them up!

  • Customizable earrings

    Be the designer of your jewelry and create a pair of earrings undoubtedly in your image!

    This is the perfect opportunity to personalize a piece of jewelry to gift, match with your favorite garment or other piece of jewelry that you can't seem to match with anything.

     Here are some ideas for unique customization:

    -A photo that is close to your heart

    -A child's drawing

    -A photograph of your clothes that have a specific color or pattern to have a perfect match

    -A photo of a necklace or other jewelry to make a set (color for example)

    -An image that you particularly like

    - Motivational words or short message 

    There are no  limits - all  you have to keep in mind that this format is small and therefore your image must support miniaturization and remain "readable".

    In any case, I will immediately inform you if your image is suitable or not, then I rework it for optimization and submit the result to you for validation before launching their creation.

    So go ahead, upload your image by clicking on the "Personalisation" tab above and create your unique project today!

  • Interchangeable brooches

    A brooch yes! But which changes styles according to your desires! Just add the button of your choice and you're good to go!

  • 25mm clip-on cabochon...

    These pretty snap buttons are to clip onto your favorite jewelry bases to create your own style and are available in two versions : flat glass (lighter) and domed cabochon version and are for decorating the 30mm and 43mm necklaces (both domed and flat glass versions), half-moon necklaces(flat version), as well as the brooches (flat glass).  

    You can also choose the frame color: bronze (antique gold), gold or silver - all options are to be chosen from the drop-down list.

  • Clip on...

    NOTE : ALL buttons are now only available in waterproof version to guarantee their durability. Manò Factò presents its collection of original hand-made interchangeable buttons inspired by nature and strong symbols all specially created for you to tell your story to the world! Simply select your base : ring, bracelet or necklace and customize them with your personal selection of buttons. They are easy to install by snapping them on and off which allows you to create unlimited combinations. ...