Here is my selection of hand-crafted earrings made for you with love. You'll adore all the bright colors and themes available! The thoughtfully selected images are either created by myself or by partner graphic designers. They are then printed with top quality UV resistant inks, carefully cut-out and then sealed under a glass dome with a toxic free resin. All bases are made of allergy free brass that is then plated in the desired color ( sterling silver or hematite for the most part). Your comfort is a priority: they are all light-weight and will not pull or weigh on your lobes. All my creations benefit from a lifetime guarantee : all after sales service, if anything should happen to your treasures, is free of charge.


  • Stud earrings

    Stud earrings format for those of you who like all things small and sweet ! They are easy to wear every day and bring shine and a little color close to the face. For the days when one wants to be discreet, but our ears can not go out without being dressed of a pair of earrings :) !

  • Lever-back earrings

    These earrings called "sleepers" have a particular type of spring fastener in lever form that closes behind the earlobe once threaded. More secure, they find their probable origin in the mid-nineteenth century. They were created at the time for a very specific purpose: to be worn at night to prevent the newly pierced holes from closing. Thus the earrings got their surname. This timeless and classic format transcends all fashion trends as it is so versatile and easy to wear. The hardest part is choosing - as it is tempting to have all of them ! ❤ 

  • Ear-cuffs

    The ear cuff is an earring that mainly decorates the cartilage but can sometimes come down onto the lobe. No need to pierce any holes to be able to wear one! The "ear cuff" easily matches any look and is most visible with a ponytail or a bun and if you want a softer look, you can simply hide your ear with your hair!

  • Beaded dangle earrings

    This collection of longer style earrings is perfect for those who love more movement. Created in a format that remains at the top of fashion, they are light and comfortable to wear. Crafted to last a long time, you will be able to match them with many outfits for many years to come! Warning: jewelry likely to attract attention and provoke compliments whilst worn ;)

  • Simple dangle earring

    This collection of ear wire style earrings are perfect for those who like more movement than with the lever-back style,  but in a sleeker bead-less format. Always at the top of fashion, they are lightweight and comfortable to wear and made to last a long time. You can easily match them with many outfits to add extra punch and make a statement.  Attention: jewelry known to attract attention and provoke compliments :) 

  • Customizable earrings

    Be the designer of your jewelry and create a pair of earrings unmistakably in your image! This is the perfect opportunity to personalize a piece of jewelry as a gift, to match it with your favorite piece of clothing or other pieces of jewelry you need matching earrings for !

    Here are some ideas for tailor-made personalization:

    -A photo that is close to your heart
    -A child's drawing
    -A pattern photographed from your clothes to have a perfect match
    -A photo of a necklace or other jewelry to make an assortment (color for example)
    -An image that you particularly like
    - Motivational words or short message
    There are no other limitations, you have to keep in mind that this format is small and therefore your image must support miniaturization and remain readable.

    In any case, I will inform you immediately if your image is suitable or not, then I will rework it to optimize it and submit the result to you for validation before launching their creation.

    So go ahead, upload your image and create your unique project today!

  • Hoop earrings

    These hoop earrings are all stainless steel and so hypoallergenic. When you are wearing hoop earrings, you are giving off a vibe of being incredibly friendly. People who wear hoop earrings like to keep things casual and may give off a vibe that they are pleasant to talk with. 

    Powerful, brave, and heroic women in the pop world and politics have been seen wearing hoop earrings. The reason for this and the reason why hoops will be fashionable forever is that they are elegant, and the earrings make you feel and look really classy, your age notwithstanding.