"One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art- Oscar Wilde " These necklaces are wearable art all featuring a world of their own: My wish is that you find the style that reveals the eclectic side of your personality and thus artfully express it to the world - whether you be smart, chic, distinctive, fashionable, simple or sophisticated, there is a design for the genuine you!


  • Slate Necklaces

    This selection of slate necklaces are like pieces of wearable art you can cherish and admire over and over.  A noble material, slate is derived from the compression and firing of volcanic sediments. This natural stone is resistant while being light and very comfortable to wear directly in contact with the skin because it takes on the body's temperature. In lithology, dark stones have the capacity of absorbing negative and harmful waves. The graphics are applied onto the hand cut slate, sealed and then parts of the image are resined to bring the images to life with a 3d effect. These pieces are timeless and the graphics have been created or chosen to make it easy for you to match them with your favorite outfits. Warning! You'll get compliment after compliment for years to come when you wear these, so be ready to attract attention :)


  • Customizable necklaces

    These customizable necklaces are definitely unique and you won’t find them anywhere else but here. All designed and hand assembled by me, these chic and sober necklace bases have a wonderful allure even when they are bare, and they are just dying for you to dress them up with your favorite styles !

  • Metal and Wood necklaces

    A noble and living material that is more ennobled by an artist's work. Patina and decorated with metal effects ... I chose a very light gasoline very comfortable to wear ... my wood necklaces will not impose your neck ...! If you see a graphics elsewhere on the site you want on a necklace, just ask me by email: I can also include your own images / photos / drawings so do not hesitate!