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French wire lever-back earrings with black and white dandelion theme

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Earrings with a dandelion naïve black and white image. Black and white is never boring because the contrast brings a lot of light and it's easy to marry with your required.

These sleeper format earrings (frenchwire) are guaranteed nickel and lead free. They close behind the ear with a small lever. The image is an impression on specialized paper with pigment-based inks and resins that are waterproof and photostable (this means that the image will not fade with time even if left in bright sunlight)It is sealed in under a glass cabochon which measures 16 mm diameter. The overall length of the earring is just under 3cm.

They are a classic format that look good with every style: their image is what makes them unique and you choose the one that best tells your story, or simply that goes wonderfully with an outfit you have in mind.

Attributed to the powers of divination and wish dandelion; It is also said that it stimulates the minds. To find out how long you will live, blow on the head of the dandelion: you will live as many years as there are seeds. If you want to know, blow three times in the same way: the number of remaining seeds will tell you the time. And always the same way, will be made predictions of marriage to the girls!

Technique de Fabrication Colliers Ardoise Impression sur papier spécial avec des encres à base de pigments et de résine photo stables : l'image ne fanera pas avec le temps et la lumière, même en plein soleil !
Montage L’image est scellée sous un cabochon en verre de 16mm de diamètre et 4mm d'épaisseur ce qui fait un léger effet de loupe.
Les + L'avantage des dormeuses est qu'elles se referment derrière l'oreille avec un petit levier.
Matériaux Sans nickel et sans plomb
Dimension La longueur totale de la boucle d'oreille est un peu moins de 3 cm.
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  • Bright Silver
  • Hematite (dark metallic gray)
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