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Lever-back earrings with green peacock feather theme

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French sleeper style earrings with green peacock feather theme in a stunning emerald green color.

These sleeper format earrings (frenchwire) are guaranteed nickel and lead free. They close behind the ear with a small lever. The image is an impression on specialized paper with pigment-based inks and resins that are waterproof and photostable (this means that the image will not fade with time even if left in bright sunlight)It is sealed in under a glass cabochon which measures 16 mm diameter. The overall length of the earring is just under 3cm.

They are a classic format that look good with every style: their image is what makes them unique and you choose the one that best tells your story, or simply that goes wonderfully with an outfit you have in mind.

For the Christians of the first centuries, the Peacock is regarded as the symbol of immortality. The fall and regrowth of its feathers in the spring are interpreted as a symbol of resurrection and renewal. Nthe ancient Greek the Peacock was associated with the goddess Hera, the goddess of women. In the Chinese symbolism, the Peacock is synonymous peace, prosperity, dignity and beauty, plumage and all because his plumage unites all colors.

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  • Antique bronze
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