Dangle earrings with a gold foil tree of life theme

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The tree of life means different things to different people, but we are all united in the fact that it is a symbol of love and protection.

Present in religious traditions, it represents a plant of immortality: the tree loses its foliage in winter and finds it again in spring. This therefore makes him the symbol of the death-resurrection cycle where life and immortality always prevail.

With its roots firmly planted underground and its branches pointing towards the sky, it symbolizes the link between the terrestrial world and the hereafter referring to a feeling of anchoring, it evokes the force of life and its origins.

Wearing jewelry with this symbol would attract positive energies to its owner.

We offer this jewel to those we love to bring them love, luck and good health because just like the tree that takes root, it is an eternal symbol.

NOTE: The gold colored hook is made of stainless steel shaped into a semi-ring - the brass hook is in oxidized brass and closes with a small hook. The background colors are hand painted in watercolor and therefore are random. The jewels here in the photo have already been sold, yours will be made following your order and will come as close as possible to the photo but keep in mind that each piece is unique :)


  • Product Name:Dangle earrings with a gold foil tree of life theme
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