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Dangle earrings with silver foil birds on the wire theme

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Simple and sober earrings with the theme of birds on the silver wire on a royal blue background

The frame and hook (closable) are in anthracite gray and guaranteed to be free from allergenic materials.

Diameter of the round: 18mm and total length of the loop 4.2 cm

Note: These collections are hand painted, so each set is unique and colors may vary slightly, but I promise to do my best to make them the same as shown here.

Montage L’image est scellée sous un cabochon en verre de 16mm de diamètre et 4mm d'épaisseur ce qui fait un léger effet de loupe.
Matériaux Tige en acier chirurgicale
  • Silver
  • Hematite (dark metallic gray)
  • Yes
  • No