Earrings and necklace "leaf" theme set

Hand-made: 2-3 days


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Leaves symbolize the cycles and seasons of life. The acceptance of these cycles will spout or constantly reflect the beauty at every age of human beings. They are a witness to a personal development, one of accepted age and strength.

Leaf” set composed of earrings and an interchangeable teakwood necklace. (The central button pops on and off to personnalise as you wish) the image is of a section of leaf to which I added gold foil on the veins.

The necklace measures 3cm and the earrings 1,8cm diameter and 2 1/4inch long.

Need more buttons? You'll need the 18mm size available here : 18mm Buttons

  • Base in 43mm in diameter teak wood. 
  • The metalic parts are steel stainless and aluminum so no risk of discoloration or allergies. 
  • Compatible with the buttons sized 18mm, 25mm, and 30mm. 
  • Adjustable length.
  • Ultra rugged cord brown colored waxed polyester which imitates leather but is much stronger.


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