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Sleeper earrings with rose gold circle theme

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Data sheet

Sleeper-style earrings (close behind the ear with a small lever) decorated with rose gold leaf in irregular circles.
They are guaranteed without allergies, weigh only 3 g each and will delight your little ones without a doubt!

The circle symbolizes the universe, the heart of the universe and the human soul, just like the perfection that everyone is looking for. It transcends the space-time framework that defines humanity and is a vector that advances towards the Divine dimension.

Get ready for lots of compliments and questions, because these curls are intriguing! To offer or to offer without hesitation.

Glass cabochon 16 mm in diameter - total width with the frame 18 mm - total length approximately 3 cm.


Montage L’image est scellée sous un cabochon en verre de 16mm de diamètre et 4mm d'épaisseur ce qui fait un léger effet de loupe.
Les + L'avantage des dormeuses est qu'elles se referment derrière l'oreille avec un petit levier.
Matériaux Sans nickel et sans plomb
Dimension La longueur totale de la boucle d'oreille est un peu moins de 3 cm.
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Pink gold
  • Yes
  • No