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Dangle earrings with the Theme: multicolored leaves

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Dangle earrings with the Theme: multicolored leaves

The graphics are printed with photostable inks  (which means that they will never fade) and are sealed under a 16 mm glass cabochon. They are about 3cm in length total and are a perfect size that are lightweight and simply pretty.

The ear wire is hypo-allergenic (no lead or nickel.) it is copper based which is a safe metal for the skin - they are then silver plated then coated in a veneer that creates a barrier so your skin is not in direct contact. This also has the benefit of preventing oxydization. 

A silicone earwire plug is provided which you can slide the length of the hook behind the ear so it is invisible and your earrings secured in place.

Leaves symbolize the cycles and seasons of life. The acceptance of these cycles will spout or constantly reflect the beauty at every age of human beings. They are a witness to a personal development, one of accepted age and strength.

Montage L’image est scellée sous un cabochon en verre de 16mm de diamètre et 4mm d'épaisseur ce qui fait un léger effet de loupe.
Matériaux Sans nickel et sans plomb
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