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Gold chevron pattern dangle earrings

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This symbol dates back as far as the ancient Greco-Roman Empire when Greece and Rome interlocked civilizations. In the Roman alphabet, the chevron symbol is actually the fourth letter, or number.

This is a symbol in the Roman alphabet that does not occur in the English alphabet. The chevron was very popular amongst the people that they even used this symbol to paint on pottery for decorative purposes.

Others took it more seriously and would engrave the symbol on the weapons used by the Greek Spartan warriors, most notably on the front of the shields. Because the Greek Spartans were known for doing this, the widespread of the symbol took off and is now a part of the worlds armed forces culture.


Montage L’image est scellée sous un cabochon en verre de 16mm de diamètre et 4mm d'épaisseur ce qui fait un léger effet de loupe.
Matériaux Tige en acier chirurgicale


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