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Stud earrings featuring a ginkgo biloba leaf theme

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These beautiful stud earrings are made of metal and decorated with a 10mm or 8mm in diameter glass cabochon  (12 and 10mm total diameter). The image is printed with high quality and photo-stable inks (they will never lose their color).

Great care is taken to choose quality findings that are guaranteed lead-free and nickel free (no allergens). This beautiful pair of chips comes with a set of silicone stoppers and 2 surgical steel butterflies for you to choose which you prefer.

This pair shows a graphic "ginkgo biloba leaf". Le Ginkgo Biloba est un arbre sacré d’Orient, un symbole de l'unité des opposés, d’invariabilité, jouissant d'une puissance miraculeuse, porteur d'espoir et d'un passé incommensurable, un symbole d'amour. Leaves symbolize the cycles and seasons of life. The acceptance of these cycles will spout or constantly reflect the beauty at every age of human beings. They are a witness to a personal development, one of accepted age and strength.


Matériaux Tige en acier chirurgicale
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  • Bright Silver
  • Hematite (dark metallic gray)
  • 8mm
  • 10mm
  • Yes
  • No