The symbols

The symbols

Tree of life:

Symbol of growth, connection between heaven and earth, and eternal life.

Ginkgo leaf:

Represents perseverance, longevity and inner strength.

Sakura flower:

An ephemeral symbol of beauty, transient life and rebirth.

Cat :

Represents mystery, independence, and sometimes spiritual protection.

Flowers :

Symbols of beauty, renewal, and various emotions depending on the type of flower.

Dandelion :

Represents lightness, the breath of nature, and the ability to overcome challenges.

The butterfly wing:

Symbol of transformation, lightness and fragility of life.

The bee:

Represents hard work, community, and prosperity.

The poppy:

Symbol of sleep, rest, but also of the fragility of life.

The dragonfly:

Represents transformation, freedom and lightness of being.

The moon :

Symbol of cycles, mystery, and often associated with emotions and femininity.

Vine leaves:

Often represent fertility, growth, and are sometimes associated with celebration, particularly related to the cultivation of vines and the production of wine. Also sometimes symbolize protection.

Water drops :

Symbolize purity, clarity, and can be interpreted as symbols of life. Water drops are also associated with purification, regeneration and can represent the cycles of life.


Symbol of happiness, vitality and sun worship. Sunflower is often associated with positivity and radiant energy.

Lotus flower :

Represents spiritual purity, personal growth and beauty emerging from adversity. It is often associated with ideas of rebirth and spiritual awakening.


Symbolize the movement, fluidity and constant change of life. Waves can represent strength, perseverance and sometimes the vastness of the world.

Chrysanthemum flower:

The chrysanthemum flower is rich in symbolism in different cultures. In general, it is associated with life, death and rebirth. In Japan, for example, chrysanthemums are linked to royalty and immortality. In other cultures, they can symbolize honesty, truth and loyalty.

Bird :

Bird symbolism can vary depending on the species, but in general, birds are often associated with freedom, lightness, and transcendence. They can also symbolize spirituality, divine messaging and the connection between heaven and earth. In some cultures, specific birds may carry distinct meanings, such as doves associated with peace or owls with wisdom.


Red :

Often associated with passion, energy, love and vitality.

Blue :

Represents serenity, peace, depth and sometimes spirituality.

Green :

Symbolizes growth, nature, fertility, and can also evoke freshness.


Associated with joy, optimism, sunlight and positive energy.

White :

Symbol of purity, innocence, peace and sometimes spirituality.

Black :

Often associated with power, mystery, elegance and formality.


The color turquoise is often associated with positive meanings such as serenity, peace, open communication and clarity of mind. It also evokes freshness, creativity and sometimes healing. Symbolically, turquoise is often linked to the connection with water and the sky, reinforcing its connotations of calm and tranquility.

By choosing the circular shape for my jewelry, combined with strong symbols, I aspire to create pieces that go beyond aesthetics to become spiritual companions. Every earring, every necklace, every creation designed, has the power to carry deeper meaning, positive energy and timeless elegance.

*****Welcome to my collection where each piece is an invitation to explore beauty and spirituality!******

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