Manò Factò Frequently Asked Questions

What does Mano Facto represent?

Mano Facto is the Latin root of "Handmade" because all my jewelry is handmade with love by me ? and will remain so for a long time!

Did you know? Each piece is created just for you to order, by me: With creation on demand, everything is manufactured in a tight flow dynamic, so there is no stock of unsold items and therefore, no waste like conventional industrial manufacturing ♥

I have already seen this technique and this type of “cabochon” jewelry elsewhere and less expensive, what differentiates you from the others?

First, I create my images. When we see the images elsewhere than here, it is because they have been “borrowed”, not to say stolen! When I first started, I also bought image boards from graphic designers on the Etsy marketplace. It is therefore possible that several of us creators use them sometimes. For several years now, I have only used my own graphic creations, but you are never safe from having these ideas pirated. I like to think it’s because I inspire others!

Then there is my technique. During my 11 years of creating, I continue to explore and refine my techniques again and again. I use pigment and resin based inks which are photo stable. This means that colors will not fade over time like traditional inkjet. The inks are also waterproof, which is a plus if your jewelry ever comes into contact with moisture. Some products are even waterproof currently, because I use resin, rather than water-based glue, unlike most jewelry using this technique.

Finally, I make it a point of honor to use quality primers that will last over time and will not give you any unpleasant surprises (allergies, coloring on the skin, etc.)

This all takes time, trial and error, which is calculated into the final price which remains very reasonable for handmade treasures.

Are your products all in stock? What exactly does “online only” mean?

My creations are made on demand and are not all in direct stock. This allows me to offer you a large selection and to renew my offer available in the physical store in Oingt.

Jewelry with the title "Online only" are creations exclusively available online (made to order) and are not in stock at the store. All you have to do is order them online and opt for delivery to the store, for example.

How should I take care of my new jewelry?

The majority of my jewelry is now water resistant. The interchangeable buttons for example that you put on your rings and bracelets, the chips and earrings have also been reworked to resist water, because this type of earrings can easily be forgotten in the shower!

The only non-waterproof creations are the slate necklaces.

However, it is not recommended to wear all the jewelry when showering, bathing or swimming - prolonged immersion in water should be avoided, as the glues could deteriorate over time.

Can I wear my curls without risk of allergy ?

All jewelry is guaranteed allergen-free. Quality primers, without nickel, Chromium or lead are selected. A good majority of primers are now made of stainless steel which guarantees total safety.

In other cases (specified on the product sheets) the base is made of brass or copper, metals which pose no health risk and are non-allergenic. This base is then plated in the finishing colors (hematite, copper, bronze, etc.) The silver color is in principle a plating in real 925 silver and the other finishes are varnished to prevent their oxidation, which jointly creates a barrier.

Since starting my business, I have sold thousands of pairs of earrings and my customers are delighted. My “allergic” clients tell me that they can finally wear costume jewelry again! Life is so much nicer with the vast range of possibilities in costume jewelry!

If, however, you have the slightest concern, simply contact me by email so that we can see together the return and refund terms and without questions.

How quickly will my order be shipped? ?

Since all items are handmade, it usually takes 3-5 business days before orders are ready for shipping. If your order is urgent, you can leave me a message when placing your order so that I can prioritize sending it to you on time.

How will my items be shipped ?

All domestic orders are shipped via tracked mail. Shipping is offered to you at the best price regardless of the weight: €2.50 and free from €50.

You will receive your tracking number by email at the end of the shipment.

Do you deliver abroad?

Absolutely ! Some countries are excluded from shipping, however, if you do not see your country listed you can contact me to check.

What shipping method is used for international orders?

All items are sent by international tracked mail. If you need your item by a certain date, please contact me for express delivery and you will be charged accordingly.

All packages go through customs... That said, your package should go through without any hassle or tax, with the exception of large packages, however, sometimes packages can be delayed, I'm sorry, but it's a story of patience!

***Please also note that any possible charges incurred through customs are the responsibility of the customer and not the seller***

How does it work for gift packages? ?

I send each item with its gift bag and a sticker with decorative label so that you have everything you need to wrap your items yourself in the blink of an eye while having the opportunity to see the product(s). that you have just purchased before offering it/them. If you opt for the personalized message, it will be added to the package on a mini card written by me. (sent directly to the recipient)

I bought an item and it's not what I wanted... can I return it?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact me within one week of receiving your item to resolve the issue.

Items can be refunded or exchanged within 2 weeks of the purchase date and provided there are no signs of wear, it must be in its original packaging, and in new condition.

I will not be responsible for returned items that show signs of wear and damage within this time frame. If it is an accident, I will do everything possible to find a solution with you.

Can I have my jewelry repaired and/or recommend a lost buckle?

ABSOLUTELY ! I offer repairs and replacements of earrings for most models (sometimes this is not technically possible) The price of the replacement will be half of the pair + shipping costs. Just send me a photo of the buckle you have left, I'll send you a link for payment by credit card or Paypal and I'll send you its sister so that the pair can be reunited again! veronique@mano-facto.com

I am a merchant and I would be delighted to sell your jewelry in my store! Do you do wholesale sales?

Yes! Wholesale is available to retailers only. You can send your request by email veronique@mano-facto to find out more.

I have an online store and would like to become a distributor

Yes ! In this case, I offer a drop shipping system (you take care of the sale, I take care of the delivery). Please contact me for details and terms as well as the possible percentage on sales. Contact me for details by email: contact@mano-facto.com

I love your jewelry and I would like to organize a Home Sales evening with my friends !

Yes ! You can earn free sets and up to 30% off total sales, as well as a permanent discount in store and online. Contact me for details by email: contact@mano-facto.com

Also don't hesitate to send me your photos of you wearing my jewelry ! After your agreement, I will possibly be able to use it on the store and on my blog, thus, you will become an ambassador of the Mano-Facto brand !

You can also become an ambassador and earn 30% on each sale your friends make with your links! Just visit the page to find out more and create an account on mano-facto.goaffpro.com !

See you soon


What materials do you use for your jewelry?

My jewelry is made of stainless steel, Zamak (zinc alloy), leather, wood, glass, resin, paper, synthetic paper, gold and silver leaf, photo-stable inks and slate: durable materials and without danger. You'll wear quality every time.

Are the pieces hypoallergenic?

Absolutely ! My stainless steel pieces are perfect for sensitive skin and are free from allergenic metals such as nickel.

Is there a guarantee on your products?

My jewelry is guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects and against any possible allergic reaction. Peace and quiet are guaranteed!

How do interchangeable components work?

With my snap button system, changing your look has never been so easy and fun!

Can I personalize a design?

Yes, I can customize certain models. Contact me to create your unique piece!

Is the jewelry water resistant?

Yes, stainless steel is water resistant. However, to preserve the beauty of other materials, avoid prolonged bathing.

How do I maintain my jewelry?

A soft cloth and a little love is all it takes! Avoid chemicals and keep them dry.

What is your return policy ?

I firmly believe in the quality of my offer. So I offer a 30-day risk-free money back guarantee (return shipping costs excluded).

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your product, simply send it back to us and we will refund your money or exchange your product (the decision is yours), up to 30 days, no questions asked .

Please contact us first by email at veronique@mano-facto.com and I will provide you with the appropriate return shipping address.

⚠️ Please note that return/exchange costs are your responsibility. I will not provide a return shipping label. ⚠️ Please also note that any returns sent to us without first contacting my customer service will not be accepted.

What is the delivery delay ?

It takes 2 business days if I have the jewelry in stock and ready to go and 3-4 days if I have to make it. (I work on demand and do not always create stock)

For Lifestyle items, which will be shipped separately, it takes 5-6 days.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I ship almost anywhere in the world.

*International orders are subject to import, customs duties and taxes, which are applied once your shipment reaches the destination country. I cannot predict what your particular costs might be. For more information about your country's custom policies, please contact your local customs office. All taxes, duties and customs fees are the responsibility of the recipient of the package. Your local carrier may be able to provide you with information on the accepted method of payment for duties, taxes and other charges collected upon delivery.

Do you have stores or only an online store?

I have a physical store in OINGT, in Beaujolais (69620) where I sell jewelry and exhibit designers from the region. The mugs, tote bags, wall art and cards on this site are only sold online at this time.

What should I do if I want to cancel my order?

Most items are processed within 6-8 hours. If you wish to cancel your order for any reason, please contact me within 24 hours.

What if I still need help?

Contact me through my support center and I will personally respond to your message as soon as possible.

What to do if a part breaks or is damaged?

Can I view a piece in person before purchasing?

Do you offer gift wrapping?

How often do you release new collections?

Do you have another question?

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