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Leverback earrings botanical theme poppies small flowers

Boucles d oreilles dormeuses avec le thème coquelicots..Le coquelicot

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Leverback earrings botanical theme poppies small flowers

Leverback earrings botanical theme poppies small flowers

€18,50 EUR

Leverback earrings with poppy theme..

These sleeper earrings are guaranteed nickel and lead free. They close behind the ear with a small lever. The image is a print on special paper with pigment-based inks and resins that are waterproof and photo stable (this means the image will not fade with time and light, even if left in direct sunlight) The image is sealed under a glass cabochon which measures 16 mm in diameter.

The total length of the earring is just under 3 cm.

They have a classic format that goes well with all styles: their image is what makes them unique and all you have to do is choose those that tell your story, or quite simply, those that go wonderfully well with an outfit that you have in mind.

The poppy, which notably inspired impressionist painters (we owe several paintings of poppy fields to Claude Monet), is a favorite subject of flower painters and Mano Facto.! The poppy is the symbol of Morpheus, the god of dreams and sleep in Greco-Latin mythology. The poppy can symbolize timid ardor, sleep, appeasement... This flower promotes meditation because of its peaceful silhouette which bends with the wind...

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