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Fancy dangling earrings with vintage dragonfly theme.

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Fancy dangling earrings with vintage dragonfly theme.

Fancy dangling earrings with vintage dragonfly theme.

€20,50 EUR

Fancy dangling earrings with dragonfly theme.

The graphics are printed with UV resistant inks (meaning they will never fade) and are sealed under a 16mm glass cabochon. A small high quality glass bead is added to the lower part of the setting to complement the image and add more movement. They measure approximately 4cm in total length and are therefore perfect in size so as not to be heavy or big, just pretty.

The ear hook is hypoallergenic (no lead or nickel. The wire is copper which is a safe metal and the plating creates a barrier that prevents your skin from being in direct contact with it, so there is no discoloration on the skin is provided to slide along the hook behind the ear where it will be invisible and your curls will be secure.

The dragonfly symbolizes the wisdom of transformation and the capacity to adapt, it is associated with the symbolism of change and light. The presence of a dragonfly can remind you to bring a little more lightness and joy into your life!

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