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Button / Cabochon for interchangeable jewelry-Dragonfly..

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Button / Cabochon for interchangeable jewelry-Dragonfly..

Button / Cabochon for interchangeable jewelry-Dragonfly..

€7,00 EUR

Cabochon for interchangeable jewelry - Dragonfly. The dragonfly symbolizes the wisdom of transformation and the capacity to adapt, it is associated with the symbolism of change and light. The presence of a dragonfly can remind you to bring a little more lightness and joy into your life! Cabochons that clip and unclip to change your style as you wish! They are compatible with all interchangeable jewelry in the store.

To help you choose:
All buttons have the same clip-on base (standard 5-8mm) and fit on all supports available on this site. However, some sizes are better than others on certain media.
* The 16mm and 18mm buttons fit all bracelets: woven, leather and simple rings without colored border.
* The 18mm fits all my ring bases and all necklaces.

Now the hardest part is choosing! Collect these little treasures and tell your story to the world ♥

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