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Slate necklace with the Winter Lake theme

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Slate necklace with the Winter Lake theme

Slate necklace with the Winter Lake theme

€41,00 EUR

Necklace in real Angers Slate with the orange and moss green gradient Geode theme enhanced with points of gold leaves in a constellation effect (the small yellow dots).

The image is printed with photo-stable inks (UV resistant), sealed with a matte varnish then a pattern is added hot with a metallic gold foil - the effect is magical in the light, a bit like an effect of moiré fabric. The pendants in sizes 3 and 4 cm are mounted on a synthetic leather cord with a stainless steel clasp and chain. The 5 & 6 cm size are mounted on an adjustable length cord which can be worn as a short or long necklace as desired.

The model is wearing a 3 cm diameter necklace.

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