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Red tree of life theme slate necklace

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Red tree of life theme slate necklace

Red tree of life theme slate necklace

€41,00 EUR

The tree is an image of strength and peace, harmony. It is a perfect representation of the balance between Earth and Sky. The tree offers a reverse image. What is below is like what is above. What is hidden is as important as what is visible. The design of its roots is similar to that of its branches. The tree transforms the energy of the earth to produce fruit. It transforms the air and purifies it so that we can breathe it.

Slate is a very pleasant material to wear, because it takes the temperature of the skin. It is said in litho therapy that dark-colored minerals have the power to absorb negative energies...

NOTE: Necklaces measuring 4 to 6 cm are now mounted without a bail directly on the slate using 2 drilled holes: this is to prevent the necklace from turning around when you wear it as a necklace. Adjustable length from choker to necklace for sizes 4-6 cm - in simple choker for size 3 cm with small adjustment chain. (approximately 45 cm)

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