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Be creative with your jewelry and create a pair of earrings that are undeniably your image! This is the perfect opportunity to personalize a piece of jewelry as a gift, to match it with your favorite clothing or other piece of jewelry!

Here are some ideas for tailor-made customization:

  • -A photo that is important to you
  • -A child's drawing
  • -A photographed pattern of your clothes to have a perfect match
  • -A photo of a necklace or other jewelry to make an assortment (the color for example)
  • -An image that you particularly like
  • -Motivational words or short message

There are no other limits that must be kept in mind that this format is small and therefore your image must support miniaturization and remain readable.

In all cases, I inform you immediately whether your image is suitable or not, then I rework it to optimize it and submit the result to you for validation before launching their creation.

So go ahead, upload your image and create your unique project today!

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